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Canvas Coastal Life

So what if your window does not really open out to the expanse of the ocean or the beach – so what if you are woken up more by the sound of the waves or the seagulls – you could always create the same magic with this gorgeously created canvas that brings to life the beauty of a seaside window – the kind that will make you want to sit there gazing into the openness.

Adding such amazing pieces of art is all that it takes to give your walls a whole new meaning and substance. This tall canvas has the gorgeousness of a live scene with the window opening out to the sea – the sandy stretch just about visible and you almost can feel the wind touching your face. Will grace a large wall and all you need to do is add the necessary beachy paraphernalia to build in more style. The canvas comes framed in pine wood that finishes off the look with elegance. Will look especially charming when placed opposite a source of light or in rooms that are way to cloistered and need that sense of openness. Add it to a wall that faces a setting so that it will help you appreciate the depth and for of the artwork in all its vitality and completeness. Its height at 86cm and width at 60cm makes it a wonderful choice for large to medium wall spaces.


Canvas, Pinewood & Resin

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