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Christmas Champagne Glasses Ambar "Bicos Ambar"(4)- PRE ORDER

Christmas Champagne Glasses Ambar "Bicos Ambar, the perfect addition to your decor styling.

This item is a PRE ORDER, please see information, for our Ginja B Christmas Collection.

Vista Alegre


The first known reference to these glasses known as "biquinhos" (spikes) is from a catalogue of the Nova Fábrica de Vidros Marinha Grande (New Marinha Grande Glass Factory) - Ivima, 1901. This type of glass, set in the universe of diamond-tip manufacturing, was produced in the nineteenth century, through manual cutting techniques.

Later the set began to be produced by the press method, which lasts until today. It's curious to know that in the first quarter of the twentieth century it was considered old-fashioned and today it is so fashionable.

4 Flutes Ambar:

Part Type: Flute

Product type: Glass

Style: Classic

Color: Amber

Dimensions: Height 190 mm, Length 72 mm, Volume 110 ml

Weight without Package: 1340 gr

Series: Bicos Amber

Brand: Vista Alegre

Dimensions: Height 190 mm, Width 72 mm, Volume 110 ml

Weight without Package: 1341 gr

Series: Bicos Vermelho

Brand: Vista Alegre

Use restrictions: Not suitable for microwaves. For dishwashing we advise short cycles at low temperatures. Avoid frequent use in dishwashing.

About the brand

since 1824

Over its long history, the Vista Alegre brand has always been intimately associated with Portuguese history and culture, which has achieved unparalleled recognition and visibility. Public recognition, perceived quality and the company’s investment in innovation and design has turned Vista Alegre into one of the very few Portuguese luxury brands to achieve iconic status on a worldwide level. Having adopted rigorousness, sophistication and versatility as its core values Vista Alegre has been able to harmoniously combine tradition and modernity and remain attuned to cultural trends. Spreading Portuguese culture worldwide, Vista Alegre products reflect the most recent design trends and are manufactured according to the highest quality and functionality standards.

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